5 Star Reviews

Here are some reviews of “I Was a Teenage Space Reporter” posted on amazon.com by other authors and space photographers:


5.0 out of 5 stars –  A Great Read From Someone Who Was There

February 10, 2020

When I was young, I was desperately interested in the Apollo program. I begged and pleaded my father to take me a Saturn V launch–any launch–but it was not to be. David Chudwin took matters into his own hands and went to the launch of Apollo 11 as a journalist–and what a story he has to tell. If you want a first-hand look into the experience, this is your book. It’s not something that will come our way again.


5.0 out of 5 stars – For those born too late and wish they could have been there, this is the book to read!

October 23, 2019

I was born too late to have gotten to see the Apollo program in person. I constantly wish I could travel back in time. Then this book came along. It’s awesome! Finally I can picture being there, alongside David.


5.0 out of 5 stars – Great Eyewitnesses to History

April 22, 2019

Love this book. David was in the right place to see history, and now was the right time for him to pull his wonderful memories together for everyone to enjoy. It’s a great read and David takes everyone along on the space journey of a lifetime. Most of us watched the Apollo 11 launch on television. David was living the dream on the Florida spacecoast in 1969.


5.0 out of 5 stars – Up Close and Personal with Apollo 11

June 19, 2019

David Chudwin had an experience that many would envy. As a college journalist, he managed to score press credentials to attend the launch of our first crewed mission to the moon, Apollo 11. This book brings you there with him, when he stood a mere 2,000 feet from the Saturn V rocket poised on its pad and, later, when he feels the heat from the rocket as it is fired from the pad at lift-off. But it’s more than an “I was there” account; he puts the landing in historical context and shares the discussions he’s enjoyed with the Apollo astronauts since then. I urge you to enjoy this journey!


5.0 out of 5 stars 5 – stars from a fellow spaceflight journalist

May 13, 2019


Most importantly, Chudwin has written a fresh and unique perspective on what it means to be a young person watching the beginning of the space age – a necessary achievement. He contributes to the concept of spaceflight as a cultural institution.

His writing immerses the reader in each of these historically memorable moments, giving them a relatable connection to what happened 50 years ago. This is cemented by the inclusion of primary sources like scans of the original press documents, handwritten notes, typewriter rolls, and original photographs. To be clear: this is not a history with a lengthy bibliography – it’s a factual personal story from the past. A historical memoir…

If you are new to spaceflight, it’s a perfect introduction to the history and value of the field. If you are involved in journalism, especially if you are under 35, it’s a keen insight into professionalism and dedication to your coverage. Ultimately, “I Was a Teenage Space Reporter” is a pertinent contribution to the Apollo narrative.