Glowing review from Hans Bouwman, Dutch journalist

I am honoured that the veteran Dutch journalist and editor Hans Bouwman today posted this kind review of my book “I Was a Teenage Space Reporter: From Apollo 11 to Our Future in Space.”

(reprinted with his permission)

Hans Bouwman

Just finished reading “I Was A Teenage Space Reporter” by David Chudwin What a wonderful book. A must-read for everyone who is interested in space exploration. As a writer and editor myself I must say it is very well written and easy to read in an accessible style. Chudwin doesn’t tell the story from an expert perspective, but from that of a young student who got the enormous chance to cover the Apollo 11 adventure and is a spectator of a historic mission.

It’s not only a story about the Apollo 11, but a complete story of space exploration from the early years on. Chudwin gives the reader a good idea of ​​that time with the Vietnam War, civil rights revolution, the rise of feminism and cultural revolution. In the second part of the book he describes the lessons we learned from Apollo and in part three our future in space. That makes it a complete story.

I’m a few years younger than Chudwin but his story is very recognizable. I also got a special interest in space exploration at a young age, just like the writer I taped radio broadcasts, cut clippings from papers and I wrote as a young man about space for “Spaceview”, a magazine for youngsters from the Netherlands Space Society.

Unfortunately, I didn’t meet such famous astronauts and cosmonauts like Lovell, Aldrin and Armstrong. David chose for medicines; I choose for journalism and became a reporter and later on team leader final editing for one of the biggest newspapers in the Netherlands.

So, anyone who hasn’t had the chance to read “I Was A Teenage Space Reporter”, do it. It gives you hours of fun reading. Thanks David.